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Who We Are

Here at KHAZAI we are 5th generation rug experts. We have been cleaning, repairing and selling area and oriental rugs longer than most rug retailers. We are the Midwest’s, and Kentucky’s, premier rug specialists for all of your rug repairs, restoration, and cleaning services.

Through the decades, we here at KHAZAI Rug Cleaning have learned a lot about cleaning rugs. Along with our KHAZAI Rugs Outlet, and RM Innovation connections, we have been able to partner up with some major flooring and rug brands. This has given us additional inside knowledge about all rug styles, material types, and dyes used to produce these rugs. We are truly experts of rug cleaning and repair.
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We have devoted our efforts to helping underprivileged men and women, who are blind, learn how to weave rugs


We use sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning materials to help do our part for the Earth’s & your health 


We Specializing In Cleaning

Vendor Rug Brands
Momeni | Nourison | Loloi | Radici | Jaipur | Anji Mountain | Chandra | Dalyn | Dynamic | HRI | Karastan | KAS | Rizzy | Tayse | Zoroufy
Rug Types
Hand-made | Machine made | Hand knotted | Hand tufted | Hand loomed | Hand stitched | Hand hooked | Power loomed
Material Types
Wool | Silk | Wool & Silk | Cotton | Synthetic
Many Origins
Asia | Iran | China | India | Russia | Turkey | Pakistan | Tibet | Nepal | Afghanistan | North Africa
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Your Rug Gets A Lot of Traffic

Over the years, think of all the times your rug gets walked on by every member of the household, plus the number of friends, add the times your pet has chewed on the fringe or corners, clawed at it, or urinated on it (including the ones you don't know about). Don't forget the times the rug got snagged on someone’s heel, and the times something was spilled on it. Now multiply all of that by the number of days and years you’ve had that rug.

Chances are you will need it cleaned or repaired soon. You need an expert to fix that rug if you want to protect your investment

We Are Experts

Various Types of Rug Repair and Cleaning

Pet Stain Removal
Don’t let pet stains and odor go uncleaned. The longer they get left in, the more damage they cause and the harder they are to get out.
Organic Stain Removal
Too much mud tracked in from outside, grass stains, grease, blood, wine, food, you name it. If you can spill it on a rug, chances are we can get it out. If our Stain Removal Guide can solve your problem, then its time for an expert to fix it.
Repair and Restoration
We repair just about all damage a rug can acquire. Anything from rips to holes, missing fringe, tears, moth damage, and on and on. You want your damage to be unrecognizable when it’s done. We are great at fixing what others can not.
Silk Rug Cleaning
Yes, we did say silk cleaning. Silk is incredibly delicate and requires finesse. We have the knowledge and equipment to do an excellent job of cleaning these types of rugs. But what about other materials? We should also say, that we really are experts in cleaning ALL rug types.
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White Glove

White Glove Service

At Khazai Rug Cleaning we believe that your experience is most important. With our WHITE GLOVE SERVICE, you don’t have to lift a finger. Not only do we pick up and deliver your rugs, but we also:
  • moving2 Move Furniture
  • Prep and clean the area for rug placement
  • Replace furniture

At NO CHARGE to you. All so you can have the one of a kind Khazai Experience

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