Cat Stains

Cat Stains

Cat Stains

What You Need to Know

Cat urine is by far the most difficult to remove from a wool rug. This is due to simple biology. Stay with me here throughout this explanation and it will all make sense. Cats as a species originated from the desert. Meaning they had to be able to retain any water they drank for as long as possible in order to survive. This resulted in felines developing a very long “loop of Henle” which is the part of the kidney that is in charge of filtration and concentration of urine. In order to adapt a feline’s kidney had to be able to extract every last bit of water from their urine in order to conserve as much water as possible. Thus resulting in urine that is extremely concentrated with little to no water at all in it, and is almost oil-based in nature and composition. This is why if you own a wool rug that has had cat urine on it at some point, any other cat is going to be able to tell that the rug has been peed on before and will do it again, unless the rug has been professionally cleaned and the odor had been neutralized.

As if the above information wasn’t enough to justify why cat urine is so awful. Male cats who haven’t been neutered have the added effect of testosterone in their urine, making it much more pungent and aromatic. The process of professionally cleaning cat urine is much more in depth than that of dog urine. With cat urine we must first determine the PH level of the urine stain in order to develop a solution that will get the stain and urine crystals out of the rug. After determining what type of stain we are dealing with we can then quickly formulate a cleaning solution that will completely remove all of the stain and smell from the rug.

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