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Your grandma was right when she would beat the rug outside.

Dusting a rug is the single most important step in the cleaning process. Oriental rugs collect dirt, grit, and dust over time which can cause serious damage and decrease the life of the rug. Before an oriental rug can be cleaned, the dirt and dust must be beaten out of the foundation from the back. If this dirt and dust are not removed prior to washing the rug, it turns into a muddy substance that dries and will cause premature wear from the inside out, damaging your rug.

Additionally, this substance is much harder to remove after improper cleaning. At Khazai Rug Cleaning we use a special dusting machine made for this purpose and the process is repeated until no grit or dust comes out. Most other cleaning companies do not remove this embedded dirt and dust which means that the rug is not really clean. We have re-cleaned many rugs that were previously taken to “professional” cleaners and removed enormous amounts of dirt similar to the picture shown.

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